Why Sinmar


Why Sinmar
Our long trading history has helped us to develop a dependable trade contacts across the length and breadth of the world. This has helped us to make it possible for us to reach our customer with right product and commodity at right price and right time, without ever compromising with quality or standard as all our product go through our stringent quality parameters.

We believe in total transparency in communication. Be it progress of a customer's order or any other queries that we need to attend to or any difficulty that we may anticipate. Our trade partners can rely on us for a relevant and transparent updates and replies.

Our strength lies in quality. That is our unbeatable and indisputable strength which we have acquired over 15 years of experience in Grain Trade. Quality is also the key for procurement of rice for International markets which includes:
Controlling the quality at every stage of milling process.
Having an insight of parameters that control the quality.
All this has helped us develop a unique quality control system over a period of time rendering us 100% customer satisfaction across the globe.

Over the time we have acquired an in-depth understanding, knowledge and skills that is required for International Agricultural trading practices. This has helped us to improve our trading procedure, thus have gained an expertise in important activities that are required in trading, such as: shipment and warehousing. This ensures that we meet our customer's need in minimal period of delivery time and even the smallest of problems are recorded. With this knowledge we have also, learned the art of how to exactly meet the quality requirement of the customer.

Customer Loyalty
Our values and willingness to accept our flaws and mistakes has helped us build and maintain relations with our customers. The proof of this lies in the customers who continue to trade with us for years and years now.
For us doing business does not mean mere execution of contracts and the financial transactions that follows it. For us business is stated as successful, when the customer's satisfaction is met; and all their needs are satiated to their expectations. When all these conditions are fulfilled, its then our equation of business is considered proved.
This has helped us to build a life-long relationship with many of our clients. And we continue to win their trust and meet the requirement.